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Re: XMMS: No output plugins specified

Am Freitag, den 28.07.2006, 02:39 -0700 schrieb Chris Wakefield:
> install xmms-arts.  I just fixed the exact same problem.
> Chris W.

But you have to use the artsd, right? I don't want to do this :)

Now it seems, that xmms is broken completely. I installed xmms-arts and
xmms-crossfade and both plugins could be selected. Trying to add a new
title to the playlist fails without any message box or in the terminal.

As root, the crossfade-plugin works with an old playlist very nice,
arts-output makes some error, because no artsd is installed.

Purging all xmms pakets, reinstall only  xmms, xmms-arts, xmms-crossfade
and deleting the .xmms directory in user-home didn't solve the problem.
The plugins are available, but creating a playlist failed without any

I have to wait for an upgraded package, i think.

> On Friday 28 July 2006 2:30 am, Markus Neviadomski wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > after apt-get update && apt-get upgrade on my amd64-box (debian
> > unstable), xmms doesn't work. After startup and pressing play in xmms,
> > the following message appears: "no output plugins specified".
> >
> > Looking in the Settings-panel, the select-box for the output is empty. I
> > searched the debian packages for any output-plugins, but I found nothing
> > for alsa or so on.
> >
> > I'm using kernel 2.6.14-1-amd64-k8 with alsa, xmms has version 1.2.10
> > now and the sounchip is a ac97-chip from realtek (ALC850).
> >
> > Any ideas?

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