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Re: Bug#380079: socket related problem in AMD64?

On Thursday 27 July 2006 20:11, Kurt Roeckx wrote:
[postgrey on AMD64]
> I've been trying this, and get:
> [...] things got rejected as 
> expected.  So this seems all to work to me.

Ok, I'll close this bug and assume it's the kernel problem mentioned by 
Goswin.  Thanks everyobdy.  Christian: since this is 99.9% not a postgrey 
problem, I guess if you can't fix the problem by a kernel upgrade, you 
should take this up with the AMD64 people on the 
debian-amd64@lists.debian.org folks.

Thanks everybody for their help - I really don't know anything outside the 
x86 world, and with pergolesi and puccini apparently not available for "the 
general public" atm it's kinda hard to debug this myself...

-- vbi

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