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Searching Tool for CPU stepping down

Hi all, 
today I have an unusual thouhgt: I am looking for a tool, which I want to 
start on the notebook, when doing nothing. I do NOT mean powernowd, cpufreqd 
or similar, which use the pins on the cpu to switch it down (on my AMD-Turion 
to 800MHz) I am looking for a tool like those on windows in the early 486er 
days: they were called "waterfall" or "raindrop" and could change the 
cycle-rate from i.e. 100 MHz to 10 MHz. 

Does somebody know such a tool for linux ? Or is this on modern cpus not more 
needed !

I imagine, with these tools, power would last much longer, when I can bring my 
processor down to 100MHz.

Or do I think wrong ????

Best regards


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