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Re: GoogleEarth install

On 27-Jul-2006 16:02.20 (BST), Thierry Chatelet wrote:
 > > You'll have to run it from a chroot. There's no gtk2 library in ia32-libs,
 > > nor a lib32gtk2.0-0 package.
 > Or you can install the previous version ol ia32-libs. It has the 
 > libgkt2.0-0 package. It was a ooops in the last revision, which should 
 > be correct in the next release. you can follow this thread to have more 
 > information:
 > http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2006/07/msg00329.html
 > Also, in this thread, there are some work-around if you have the latest 
 > ia32-libs.

That's actually answered a previous query I had posted to -amd64 and
-mentors, since I'm trying to produce a package for nspluginwrapper (use
32-bit plugins in Mozilla/Firefox for amd64).

I had totally missed that thread. Thanks!

rob andrews                       :: pgp 0x01e00563 :: rob@choralone.org

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