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Re: get rid of landlord

On Sat, 22 Jul 2006 07:47:22 +0200
Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> wrote:

> (as I am used to do on the i386 machine, while on previous installation of 
> amd64 I neither had kde nor gnome, but only jwm)
> I get the yellow flower of gnome, from which user/pass leads to term
> window in X system and from which I am unable to get rid of the X system.
> I tried to configure
> #update-alternatives --config x-window-manager
> but the answer is that there is only /usr/bin/metacity
> (which is not true, because there is also /usr/bin/xterm).

  xterm is not a window manager, is a terminal emulator.
> Well, this gnome has taken possession of my machine. I know Windows
> little, but it seems something like that.
> I came to amd64 for calculations, how to get pure
> $
> without graphics? gnome not only takes memory but it might interfere with
> the calculations.

  have you tried apt-get remove all the session managers you may have
installed (xdm, gdm, etc.)?
 Ricardo Mones
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