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Re: Re: Azureus and libswt-gtk-3.1-jni

On 7/20/06, P|pex <pipes_fazer@yahoo.it> wrote:

--- Thomas Halva Labella <hlabella@ulb.ac.be> ha
> Where do I get libswt-gtk-3.1-jni? Where is the
> problem?
> I saw there is a package called libswt3.1-gtk-jni,
> but azureus does not
> care much about it.

I Thomas
the package libswt-gtk-3.1-jni not is available for
You can see it

I use azureus for amd64 downloaded from azureus web
site; the installation is easy. :-)

Me too. Also, I use the Sun Java JRE. I have another JRE installed by
apt, but I also installed the Sun JRE by hand and put it in a
different directory. Then I opened the azureus script
(/usr/local/azureus/azureus in my case) and pointed it to the Sun JRE.
Everything works fine.


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