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Re: K8 Mainboards Linux compatibility list

On Sun, Jul 16, 2006 at 03:41:40PM +0200, Regis Perdreau wrote:
> I've just installed  an amd64 distribution on Asus-P5PM800-mx mother board
> with Celeron D processor.
> Well, i'm seeking 64 bits graphic driver for the i865G built-in graphic
> chipset. Nothing interesting on Intel website. (only 32 bits version)
> I use Vesa settings at this moment but it's a bit slow.Is a developpement
> possible/planned or do we have to wait for Intel's release ?

Assuming you are running a new enough version of debian, I think the
i810 driver in x.org should run that one.  Modern hardware and sarge
just don't get along very well.  The developers are not very good at
predicting future hardware yet. :)

Len Sorensen

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