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Re: Cups and KDE

   I tried to follow the procedure below but failed (I remember doing it some 
years ago and then it worked). Could you please give me a better description 
on what you did?
   I always get "Initialising Manager" and then cups fails.


Þann Þriðjudagur 4. júlí 2006 17:03 skrifaði Anders Ellenshøj Andersen:
> Tirsdag 04 juli 2006 12:00 skrev Rob van Kraanen:
> > Thnx, that is indeed a solution until KDE gets compatible with cups
> > again. I can print again, it was pretty iritating :)
> I had problems with printing that started a couple of weeks ago. I purged
> cups from my system and reinstalled/reconfigured it. Now everything works
> again. Could it be that there is some configuration stuff that is not
> compatible?
> Anders
> --
>  - Debian GNU/Linux - KDE 3.5.2 - KMail 1.9.1 -

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