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Re: Broken applications: Could we be honest?

Art Edwards wrote:
> Unless such core pieces as the debugging tool (ddd) and the data display
> tool (xmgrace) are working, it is dishonest to pretend that the 64-bit
> version is ready for testing.

Umm, I should have checked this before.

What problem do you see with ddd?  There are no RC bugs
filed against it.  All the outstanding bugs have been
reported on i386 platforms.  I'm not a ddd user, but
the program installs and starts without obvious flaws
(other than #226218) on debian sid amd64.

Same deal with grace.  No serious bugs filed, installs
and runs well enough to look convincing to a non-expert.

Oh, I see your 28 Jun 2006 email.  How come you didn't
turn that into a bug report?  Admittedly as a non-expert,
I tried to reproduce your problem, and could not.
I start xmgrace, pull down File/Open, get a menu with
the first text entry box labelled "Filter".  While I don't
have any *.agr files around to test the read process,
the file dialog entry works as expected, including the
ability to change the filter.

I believe something about your amd64 debian box is broken.
I have my doubts that it's ddd or xmgrace.

       - Larry

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