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Problems with dchroot_start

Hi list,

I have just upgraded dchroot and schroot to 0.99.2-2 and my dchroot_start
script does not work anymore.
If I start an application with it I get:

jack@nostromo:~$ opera
E: Only one command may be specified
I: Run "dchroot --help" to list usage example and all available options

If I start opera with the dchroot command, it works:

jack@nostromo:~$ dchroot -c ia32 -d opera
I: [ia32 chroot] Running command: "opera"

The script is the standard that came with the AMD64 howto:

jack@nostromo:~$ cat /usr/local/bin/dchroot_start
for i in "$@" ; do
    ARGS="$ARGS '$i'"

exec dchroot -c ia32 -d -q "`basename $0`" "$ARGS"

Any idea on what has changed and how to fix it?
Thanks for any pointers!

Best Regards, Jack
Linux User #264449
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