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nspluginwrapper and Debian unstable


I recently came across nspluginwrapper
( http://www.gibix.net/dokuwiki/en:projects:nspluginwrapper ), which
let's you use 32-bit browser plugins with the 64-bit build of Mozilla
(and presumably Galeon/Epiphany/Firefox).

Using instructions at
http://www.ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-193893.html to get it
working with Ubuntu doesn't work for Debian.

When I run Galeon from the command line, and select about:plugins, this
comes up on the console:
/usr/lib/nspluginwrapper/i386/npviewer.bin: error while loading shared
libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0......

Ubuntu has a ia32-libs-gtk package that provides this library (which
allows nspluginwrapper to work), whereas Debian's ia32-libs package
doesn't have it, and Debian doesn't have an ia32-libs-gtk equivalent (at
least I don't think so, and searching the contents of packages at
packages.debian.org seems to be busted ATM).

Anyone have any success with this on Debian unstable?


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