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Re: [Help] Installing etch on dual opteron cluster head node

The way we want out head node setup is that users will be allowed only
to compile their code. They will not be allowed to execute any
applications on it. I guess setting up a 32bit chroot and asking people
to compile 32bit applications in that environment would be the easiest
solution. Thanks a lot for the input I really appreciate it.



* Jimmy Tang (jcftang@gmail.com) wrote:
> Hi,
> We've got debian amd64 installed on our opteron based cluster. we at
> somepoint did have a requirement to run some old 32bit code on our opteron
> cluster.
> and as brian says, compiling 32bit code under a 64bit system is messy and
> painful to do.
> what we ended up doing was letting our users compile 32bit code on our old
> cluster (which also runs debian), and because we share a global file system
> (using gpfs over infiniband with and IPR to gige) across our gige and
> infiniband clusters what they did just appeared everywhere. then we followed
> by going through the programs they compiled up, used strace/ldd to figure
> out libraries were needed and put them into the right places on the opteron
> cluster. we also tried getting the user(s) to compile up their code
> statically as well so figuring what libraries were needed was less of an
> issue for some users during our migration period.
> you might want to try installing etch/sarge 32bit into a chroot, and from
> that environment let users compile up their code statically instead of
> trying to get users to generate 32bit from a 64bit set of tools.
> Jim.
> On 7/6/06, Brian Oborn <oborbria@athena.physics.isu.edu> wrote:
> >
> >On our Opteron cluster I have a full Debian Sarge 64-bit install and a
> >full Debian Sarge chroot on the head node. I've found that sometimes
> >it's difficult (if not impossible) to compile 32-bit applications in the
> >64-bit install because of odd library dependencies.
> >
> >Brian Oborn
> >Idaho Accelerator Center
> >Idaho State University
> >
> >Bharath Ramesh wrote:
> >
> >>Our dual opteron server which is to function as a head node has arrived
> >>and I want to run debian amd64 on the head node. We need to be able to
> >>compile both 32-bit and 64-bit applications on this node. Technically
> >>this node will not execute any application. The idea is to run sid/etch
> >>on the machine. Scanning the mailing list archives I assume the only
> >>package that needs to be installed for 32-bit applications to be
> >>compiles is libc6-dev-i386. I would really appreciate any advice on this
> >>from past experiences the developers and users might have had.
> >>
> >>Thanks,
> >>
> >>Bharath
> >>
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