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Re: OpenGL


You could compile your application static? i.e.  without shared libraries?

I have this crazy idea about static to provide some package with the
usual penaltys...

There are really expensive??

for wine or openoffice, I belive, "yes of course"...

but your applications could be not too expensive..

On 7/5/06, Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> wrote:
Set again to add that I know that this MM package (compiled at 32bit) runs on
64bit RedHat. Therefore, I understand that it can not accept the libraries I
have installed with lessmotif1 (64bit). Because I am not going to add 32lib
to mt system, the only alternative is to compile the MM package at 64bit.
Perhaps using old compilers?

In my home directory I have a directory containg all files of a molecular
mechanics (MM) package compiled for 32bit and accompanied by all that needed
necessary to run, except those provided by either libmmotif or lesstif for
OpenGL graphics, which are provided by the OS. In other words, it is an
application that does not need any installation.

It runs correctly on my pc with debian etch 32bit.

On my machine with amd64 debian etch (only 64bit libraries) I have now
installed lesstif1 and copied the above directory with the MM application in
my home directory. However, when (on jwm window manager) trying to launch the
application from within its directory:

$./<applicationname> return
bash: error while loading shared libraries: libXm.so.3: cannot open shared
object: No such file or directory

$apt-cache search libXm.so.3
does not return any package
(the same on 32bit pc, but there the MM application is launched)

Is libXm.so.3 not provided by lesstif1? The application is said to run with
either Motif or Lesstif.

Probably it is clear what I do not understand. Thanks for helping

francesco pietra

(why not compiling for 64bit? It is an old software, it was used at very loose
interpretations; difficult on debian today, I tried)

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