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Re: Problem Installing nvidia-glx to unstable the Debian Way

On 7/2/06, Scott Edwards <msedwardsus@yahoo.com> wrote:
I assume this means the nvidia-glx-dev package has
been installed but not unpacked? Also, what is the
current status of the nvidia-glx-legacy package? (I've
looked in the man pages for dpkg, dselect, aptitude,
etc. and haven't been successful in finding out
precisely what these state flags mean...)
I'm no dpkg status expert either. Try using 'apt-cache policy'
instead, it gives a more human understandable output of wether a
package is installed or not.
(apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-legacy)
I confess, I'm a bit lost here :) ! Are my package
states just messed up, and/or am I doing something
Try installing those 2 packages that apt-get said are "not going to be
If you really don't want the -legacy package, remove the kernel module
too that is -legacy.

Also try using aptitude instead of apt-get, it is smarter at resolvind


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