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crackly and popping audio problems on 32-bit chroot (deng and zsnes)

  So I recently upgraded my myth machine to using AMD64 version of Debian, I was previously using "standard issue" -- 32-bit, for a year and a half.  So far I really like 64-bit!  But I've run into some problems as the subject gets at.

  Since ZSNES doesn't work (I tried compiling it for 64 bit and I get issues on the compile related to x86_64), I installed a chroot to run it from.  Same goes with doomsday (only it compiled fine but segfaulted when executed).  So I created the chroot and made all the mount points (/dev too) installed all the necessary libs and compiled the sources.  The problem comes when I run these programs they seem to work fine except for the audio...

  The (midi) music in doomsday is clear but the digital audio sound effects all have a crackle on top of them, all the sound in zsnes is crackly.  As if there's a audio buffer underrun taking place, but I never see error messages.  Both programs use SDL sound,  Without options on other sound outputs.  So I installed mplayer with all the sound options available and tried it out (with sdl,alsa, and oss) but it didn't have any problems! DOH!

  I'm really stuck on where to go now.  I've done google and searched the AMD64 archives, any one have a suggestion?  Or better yet a system that doesn't exhibit this issue (or a system does)?


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