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Re: how to compile i386 kernel on amd64 in chroot-ia32?

mons wrote:
> Hi.
> I want to compile a kernel for my other computer. I have a ia32 chrooted
> enviroment. I tried to compile it but when I do make menuconfig i
> allways have to choose only ia64 kernels.
> What shoud I change in chroot32 enviroment to make ia32 kernels?
> Please, wrote it that so noob could understand. (I always create kernel
> making make menuconfig, dpkg-make... now I have no idea what should I
> do...)

You should do in the following way:

1) Save your .config (if you need it)
2) make mrproper
3) make ARCH=i386 menuconfig
4) ...configure your kernel...
5) make ARCH=i386 (I'm not sure that the 'ARCH=i386' is needed here)

And this should build an i386 kernel.

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