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The templates for jigdo in cdimage.debian.org seem to be perhaps broken. Also a X driver problem.

It seems perhaps that the templates from cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/sarge-amd64/jigdo-dvd
may contain errors.

When I run jigdo-lite against the debian-31r0a-....amd64...-1.jigdo file

I get the usual request to mount CDROM images (2 DVDs), some 3 or 4 hundred files out of 7144 are found (which may be too small, and when I press RETURN to retrieve the remainder jigdo fails to find all the files it is searching for, but the search is done against


It seems to me that a search should be done against


About the X driver problem:-

I have a single CPU AMD64 Athlon in a CHAINTECH PCI Express motherboadr, wich I am running with an ATI Radeon X600 Pro 256 MB graphics in the PCI 16x slot.

The sarge-AMD64 system does not properly recognise the graphics board,
although lspci, lspci -n and lspci -X certainly show that the board hardware (or at least some of it) is found.

Ihave the same probem with a PCI Express nVidia 5200 PCI Express board,
but that is less surprising becaue I may need to recompile the nVidia
kernel interface with gcc-4.0.

Does anybody else observe these behaviours?

This is not a pressing problem. I have a plain PCI video card on order
to see if the problem is with the PCI Express 16x interface.

But, once again I would like to know if anybody else has the same problems.

For the moment I have plenty of other things to do. I have been planning to migrate from Fedora to Debian for some time, at least for AMD64, and since I am getting on in years (75) I do not work as quickly as I did even 10 years ago

But once again I would like to hear from anybody who can shed light on these problems. I should note that although I am more of theoretical physicit by profession than a computer scientist, I have benn working with hardware and softwae since 1958. Everything is a lot easier now than it was on an IBM 602A, and on the Sydney University copy of the ILLIAC I.

Well, I ramble on.  I hope that I have not bored any readers too badly.

                        John R. Gabriel

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