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Re: scsi & official debian repositories

The scsi card is perfectly recognized on pure 64bit debian etch install.

Moreover, I plan to maintain the workstation pure 64bit. mpqc is already 
available at 64bit. I only have to compile a program as pre-quantum 
mechanics. Not a minor problem if Open Motif does not become available.

APPLICATIONS,  I'll try to adhere to the request of installing packages from 
only official debian. I have in fact agreed to send automatically reports. 
However, I am not interested in either kde or gnome or realplayer or sound 
anyway; what I need (and it might be the same for workstations anywhere) is a 
better window manager than twm for X, ideally mwm. I need to move and resize 
the windows. twm you know cannot. kwin from kde is the worst one can install 
for my purposes, and it is very intruding, remembering tools from Microsoft.

I also need OpenMotif to compile for OpenGL. Will these packages appear on 
debian official repositories? If not, why to delay installing such packages 
from elsewhere right now? The only obstacle I see is the lack of security 

Hurry is usually a bad councillor but going on with scientific research is a 
pressing need.

Thanks for advice on strategies to this regard.

francesco pietra

On Wednesday 31 May 2006 00:26, Roberto Pariset wrote:
> Francesco Pietra wrote:
> > I forgot to mention that the Tyan bears also a scsi card for an external
> > HD, CD, scanner (a set to be exchanged with the 32bit PC). I imagine that
> > this scsi card has to be configured into the chroot as described below.
> > Correct?
> I have no idea about this hardware question, I believe you should google a
> bit for the answer. However, I suppose it's a kernel thing, and so it
> should not require chroots or similar.
> > Hi Roberto:
> > Thanks again. I regret now asking what has already been answered on this
> > list but I can't trace where.
> >
> > Finally I got all parts, so that I assembled the workstation with two
> > amd64 opterons on TyanK8WE S2895 and a couple of HD (for raid1).
> >
> > Basically it is an OS installation for chemical calculations, and
> > therefore pure amd64 debian to gain in floating point. However, it may
> > also be a resource should my PC (i386 debian testing/unstable) stop
> > running. Therefore, I also plan to have a chroot installation of 32bit
> > programs. I do not remember if KDE is 64bit or has to be out into this
> > chroot.
> You can have KDE in a pure 64 bit environment.
> > That said, should I point directly to
> > http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
> > or
> > http://www.debian.org/debian-installer/
> > and, once installed Sarge, do upgrading to testing?
> >
> > If you patient enough, which files should I download to build an iso and
> > than make a bootable installer CD? I have a fst connection to internet to
> > complete a net installation. These problems arise with people, like me,
> > that come to installations seldom, forgetting steps that more or less
> > they were already passed through.
> >
> > Thanks a lot
> > Francesco Pietra
> That's the iso you need to install thing via internet.
> http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/etch_di_beta2/amd64/iso-cd/debian-testing
> If you select expert mode, you should have the possibility to choose
> between sid and etch I think.
> Good luck,
> Roberto

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