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Re: Unable to boot install from CDs?

El Jueves, 25 de Mayo de 2006 17:20, Gregory B. Prokopsky escribió:
> Hi guys,
> My lab got shiny dual core AMD64 machines and I am trying to install
> Debian port for AMD64 on them with netinst images.
> * I tried Sarge CD, it booted, but keyboard was dead (USB).
> * I tried "snapshot" CD of testing, it didn't want to boot, just like if
> it wasn't a bootable CD.
> * I tried the latest "daily build" of CD for testing, same story.

Since i found about Debian From Scratch i no longer make use of install 
media. Just boot with DFS cd, make partitions with fdisk mount them and 
debootstrap a debian system (man debootstrap for help). (is like a 
netinstall, downloads latest version of all packages needed and install 
them on the new partitions, finally install a kernel and grub and you are 

And forget about sarge/stable for AMD64 machines...

Aritz Beraza [Rei]
Aritz Beraza Garayalde [Rei]   [http://www.ayanami.es] 
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