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Re: sun-java5-plugin on amd64

Le 23.05.2006 06:28:08, Hans a écrit :
Am Montag, 22. Mai 2006 18:39 schrieb Wolfgang Mader:
> Does this work for you?
> If I add this line to source.list and update I get:
> Can not access list /var/lib/apt/lists/geole...-amd64_Packages
> If I look under /var/lib/apt/lists there is a list for geole, but
only with
> i386 entries? Any hint?
> Cheers W. Mader

Hi !
Well, I put this in my sources.list and installed it as normal.
And it works ! Just try it. If it does not work, you can always
deinstall it.

I've tried it.
But it failed to load the Packages files.

Best regards



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