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Re: updated howto

Hi Roberto:
Thanks again. I regret now asking what has already been answered on this list 
but I can't trace where.

Finally I got all parts, so that I assembled the workstation with two amd64 
opterons on TyanK8WE S2895 and a couple of HD (for raid1).

Basically it is an OS installation for chemical calculations, and therefore 
pure amd64 debian to gain in floating point. However, it may also be a 
resource should my PC (i386 debian testing/unstable) stop running. Therefore, 
I also plan to have a chroot installation of 32bit programs. I do not 
remember if KDE is 64bit or has to be out into this chroot.

That said, should I point directly to 
and, once installed Sarge, do upgrading to testing? 

If you patient enough, which files should I download to build an iso and than 
make a bootable installer CD? I have a fst connection to internet to complete 
a net installation. These problems arise with people, like me, that come to 
installations seldom, forgetting steps that more or less they were already 
passed through.

Thanks a lot
Francesco Pietra

On Friday 12 May 2006 10:46, Roberto Pariset wrote:
> Francesco Pietra wrote:
> > Having to install debian amd64 on opeton/tyan, may i ask whether this is
> > the latest complete guideline, or should it anyway be in part updated?
> > thank you
> > francesco pietra
> Yes, go for it. Some things still need to be updated, but I believe it's
> not misleading. Good luck with your new installation and check the IRC
> channel if real time support is needed.
> Roberto

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