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Re: Fwd: nForce3 /usbstorage : deadly slow[FIXED, but sync is problem]

> The problem is, that without sync, unplugging an un- umounted device is
> datacide. umounting the device after transferring 700 MB takes about 24sec,
> what seems to be looooooooong. 

You can manually run "sync" to flush stuff out to disk.
The long delay you're seeing on unmount is because "copying" the 700Mb 
probably kept most of it in cache, and it hadn't finished writing it back by 
the time you tried to unmount the disk.

> Any idea why sync is _that_ slow with vfat 
> (fat32)? Does it always have to rewrite the whole both FATs including
> analyzing the actual contents of the disk whenever a file is written?

The sync option ensures the data is always consistent on the drive, so I'm not 
surprised you're seeing a large slowdown. Each write probably requires 
several round-trips to update the FAT.


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