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Re: adm64 and multiarch

Alexander Samad <alex@samad.com.au> writes:

> Hi
> sorry if this email is a bit off topic, but still enough to ask I think.
> What is the status of multiarch and debian (specifically amd64 port).
> I like lots of other  users have migrated to amd64, I am finding it a
> bit of a pain to get some legacy software and even new stuff to work on
> my machines.
> Usually it invovles me having to manually install some i386 lib
> somewhere under the program directory setting up a script to change the
> ld_path.

Dump them in /emul/ia32-linux/ or add the directory to
ld.so.conf. There is no need to write a wraper for every program to
change the library path.

You can also make a wishlist bugreport against ia32-libs for inclusion
of more libs. We (the ia32-libs maintainer) don't know what libraries
are missing. If it isn't an too obscure software we can certainly add

> This works, but is a pain to maintain
> I don't like the idea of chroot'ing
> My big hurdle to jump next is OO 2.x
> I have had a look around debian.org for multiarch and there seem like
> there was some work done back in 04 talk about it has been vary sparce.

Don't hold your breath. The etch release is coming fast and there has
been pretty little progress in the direction of multiarch. Most
notably nobody steped up and did realy dig into dpkg and apt sources
to make it happen. What was done in the past is both incomplete and
in parts was only a hack for testing purposes. Nothing that would be
ready for a stable release.

> Also looked around for OO on x86_64, this is also a bit here and a bit
> there, I reliase there are only a small amount of poeple working on it.
> But I would have thought this is a majour show stopper.

The long term plan is to make it 64bit clean. The short term plan,
meaning at least etch, is to extend ia32-libs or equivalent mechanism
to get a 32bit OOo for amd64.

> Alex


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