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Re: XFS support

Sounds like pilot error to me.  I've been using XFS on my md0/raid1 for
7 months, works like a charm.  This with debian/etch, netinstall, grub
boot loader.  Installed and ran straight out of the box, narry a
problem.  I think for the first 3 months I was using debian kernel
2.6.12.something.  In fact, the only reason I went to my own kernels is
that debian refuses to put in USB serial stuff that requires firmware

Just trying to counter the blizzard of misinformation available on the
internet these days ~:^)



On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 05:33:33PM +0200, rjpp@mega.ist.utl.pt wrote:
> The XFS support of the packed kernel of the NetInstall image isn't  
> working properly. It does install but keeps throwing kernel oops and  
> fails to install grub. And after we take a long detour to get things  
> to work at the sight of a little load it pulls a xfs_force_shutdown of  
> md0 and thereby crashing the whole system. I already tried with  
> hardware and software raid, both were plagued with problems. The  
> 2.6.8.x -2.6.12.x had a couple of bug reports related to XFS and raid.
> Changed to JFS and everything is working now, as I can't wait. Just  
> wanted to give some feedback.
> PS: I am not on the list, so CC to me if you reply to the list.
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