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Valero Pascual wrote:

Hello!! I have a computer with amd64 and I am trying to install the sarge for amd64 with a minimum CD for net, I lower the image ISO: should-31r0a-amd64-netinst. Antecedentes: I must say that the computer has two disks SATA 160Gb configured as RAID 0 from the BIOS CONFGURATION RAID, therefore, one should only see as a disk of about 320 Gb; previously I had installed Windows, I made a partition of the 160Gb of the 320 that you/they saw each other and I proceeded to formatear this partition and to install Windows and other programs for Windows. I began the installation of Sarge for amd64 but the moment arrived to carry out the partitions of the root / and I exchange or swap and to give format. Which it would be my surprise when observing that linux not sees a hard disk of one 320 Gb but rhater 2 of 160 Gb as if is 2 normal IDE. As the partition of Windows it was of 160Gb I didn't give him importance (this can be a hint) and I defined the partitions ext3 and swap for the second hard disk, then I gave format to the disk and seemingly the he/she made it without problems. To install Grup: I decide to make it in the root / of LINUX (another since problem doesn't allow me) but it is not possible because the denominations for the disks SATA should be /dev/sdb1... /dev/sdb2 I attempt it but one is not able to, therefore, I decide to install GRUP in the Master Boot Record, and it is made correctly. It finishes the installation and I restart giving me grup the error 21. Can somebody help me saying me that I make bad? Thank you. Diofanto.

You do not have RAID. If it costs under £200 and isn't PCI-X or PCIe, it's not RAID. You have fakeraid, which does not like working with anything but Windows. http://forums.hexus.net/showpost.php?p=693270&postcount=7 briefly covers this topic. That said, "dmraid" is a fairly experimental reverse-engineer job from Red Hat.

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