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Re: Bug#366002: aiccu: Lack of AMD64 package

A Divendres 05 Maig 2006 12:23, Anand Kumria va escriure:
> On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 12:55:06PM +0200, William Anderle wrote:
> > Package: aiccu
> > Severity: wishlist
> >
> > Debian still lacks an AMD64 package of AICCU. Even tough this is a
> > feature request, the lack of this package is pretty severe. Other
> > distributions (FreeBSD, Gentoo) already provides a AMD64 build.
> Hi William,
> I do not have an AMD64 machine to build the package for; and
> (apparently) none of the autobuilders want to build this package
> (probably because it is non-free).
> You'll need to convince an autobuilder to build it, or do yourself. if
> you choose the latter option I can walk you through the process.

I have read the licence and I don't see any important requeriment to not be a 
Open Source or follow the debian policy. However, I'm not an expert, so 
probably there's some detail that escapes from my poor knowledge .



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