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Re: Commercial programs in Debian

On Monday 08 May 2006 17:19, A J Stiles wrote:

> The problem is, purchasing decisions are being made by people unqualified
> to make those decisions. 

That's true. In my country the public administration - including the 
university - is wasting public money (derived from taxation) in software that 
is found with debian, sometimes of better quality. They could better make 
donations to free software.
However, there is scientific proprietary software from small softwarehouses 
that has decades of experience and development, is sold with accompanying 
source code, and solves problems that debian is quite far from solving. 
Again, don't ask me the names because I am not advertising (and I am user not 
softwarehouse) but I believe that such softwarehouses deserve full support. 
They have my support.

In other words my point is not free software ueber alles, may point is serious 
software ueber alles (which implies getting the source code of the 
proprietary software, albeit with restriction to use it in connection with 
modifying the code to adapt the software to, say, the particular 

francesco pietra

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