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Re: Commercial programs in Debian

On Mon, May 08, 2006 at 09:16:33AM +0100, A J Stiles wrote:

> This is a most un-Debian-like thing to be doing.  Instead of running non-Free 
> software on Debian, we should be seeking to create real Free alternatives  

I would sure like to see a FOSS tool with the power of Gamess or Gaussian, or
Jaguar. But I don't expect I'll see it within the next decade.

> {although, demanding source code from vendors would certainly not hurt.  I 
> have nothing in principle against the use of reasonable force in the course 
> of obtaining Source Code.}

You can get the source for Gamess just fine, but the license doesn't
allow you to redistribute it, nor change it.
> Availability of Source Code is *the* single biggest reason why so much of the 
> software that is found in Debian can run on so many different architectures  
> {second only to NetBSD if I recall correctly?}  That diversity is something 
> we should be proud of.  *Un*availability of Source Code has already destroyed 
> a certain other operating system:  every new release has to support a growing 
> heap of legacy code, and every insecurity ever exploited by a legitimate 
> program has to remain.

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