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Re: nvidia-glx got removed- now no GUI

I think I have everything solved. I think that the kernel image was
updated so that the nvidia module was not the correct version. I HAD
built another module (following the excellent instructions on this
site: http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/Debian-nVidia/installation.html),
but somewhere something must have gone awry. I started all over again,
and rebuilt a nvidia-kernel-*.deb and then installed it. That went off
without a hitch. After that, nvidia-glx DID get installed from

So I think the original problem was that xorg had been only partly
upgraded (since I wasn't using official sources), then after xorg was
properly upgraded I had done somethign wrong in the building or
install of the nvidia modules causing nvidia-glx to fail.

Thanks for everyone's help.


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