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ASUS A8V-MX (was: Addition to the "Mainboards Linux compatibility list")

> Motherboard: ASUS A8V-MX
> Storage    : VIA VT8237 PCI bridge [K8T800/K8T890 South]
> 	     VIA VT8251 AHCI/SATA 4-Port Controller
> 	     VIA VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master
> 	     Samsung HD 080HJ (80GB)
> 	     SATA-II

Hi, I am running etch amd64 on ASUS A8V-VM which is similar
(same south bridge).

Please let me know:

- what performance do you get on this SATA II?
(check that you have enough space for 2 GiB test.dat in /tmp
or change the path to sth. else)
dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/test.dat bs=1M count=2048
dd of=/dev/null if=/tmp/test.dat bs=1M count=2048

- did you try or plan to use the fake RAID (with dmraid)?
(dmraid version I've tested could not always recognize the
metadata in the new format, but SW-RAID has it's advantages

- does the sound work without problems?

- does the graphics function without problems?
- which driver do you use?

My configuration:

CPU: Athlon X2
RAM: 2 x 1GiB RAM 400 MHz Kingston ValueRam
Storage: Software RAID 1 on SATA II HDDs with LVM.
Sound: not used
Graphics: not used

Kernel: #6 SMP from kernel.org
Patched: drivers/scsi/ahci.c and drivers/scsi/sata_via.c
(in order to use VT8251 SATA)

System: etch32, basic installation, VNC, VMWare Server


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