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Re: VMWare does not start after update to libc6-i386?

X-TRaZy said the following on 03/22/2006 01:38 AM:
Goswin von Brederlow (brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de) wrote:

Joost Kraaijeveld <J.Kraaijeveld@Askesis.nl> writes:


Since I updated my Etch AMD64 from with ia32-libs to libc6-i386 I cannot
start VMWare 5.5 anymore. Is it possible to let it run again or do I
have to try to reinstall ia32-libs?

If I should reinstall ia32-libs, how can I do that: I get all sorts of
dependency errors that I cannot solve? Should I first completely
un-install libc6-i386 and than try to reinstall ia32-libs?


Install it from sid.

Any problems left?


I had some problems too. I _really_ don't know for sure what I did, but I fiddled around with hal, and suddenly it worked again.

I had the same problem with VMware, but I seem to have found a fix.

On my system, the libraries are there under /emul/ia32-linux/ but VMware didn't seem to find them. What I did that appears to fix the problem was to add the /emul/ia32-linux/ directories to my /etc/ld.so.conf file and re-run ldconfig as root. This is what I added in my ld.so.conf file:


I'm not sure if all of that is needed, but the last line definitely was. Then I re-ran ldconfig and VMware would start. We'll have to see if it keeps working =)

Hope this helps.


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