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Re: which motherboard for a debian server?

On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 10:56:09PM +0100, Luca Rozza wrote:
> i have tested all components on others pc, and i have found that the 
> problem (memory failure (with memtest)) was made by the motherboard.
> googleing i have found many others user with the same problem with 
> latest asus motherboard!! expecially with a8v revision 2 :(

Hmm, wasn't it tyan that recently had some annoucement about a certain
brand (I think it was antec) power supplies being unreliable for running
some of their boards?  Just because it _appears_ to work with another
system, doesn't mean it is working within required specifications.  Some
systems are pickier than others.  Some chipsets don't like some kinds of
ram.  Some AMD revisions don't like some types of ram.

Modern PCs are pretty darn complex and run very high frequencies and
very tight timings.  It is not unsual for some combinations to not work.
RAM not working in one system, doesn't mean the ram is bad or that the
system is bad.  It just might only mean that just that combination is a
bad one.

Len Sorensen

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