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Re: Uml, vserver or xen for virtual servers?

Jacob S <stormspotter@6Texans.net> writes:

> Howdy list,
> Now that I have Sarge installed on my amd64 box, I was wanting to
> install some virtual servers on it. But I notice that the AMD64 port of
> Sarge doesn't have all of the packages needed for any of the virtual
> servers listed in the subject of this e-mail. 
> So, my question.  Does anyone have experience with any of the 3? Which
> of the 3 is easiest to install on an AMD64? Are there any of them that
> don't work on AMD64 or have limitations specific to this arch? (Yes, I
> have tried to do some googling on this subject.) Any tips, suggestions
> or urls welcome. 
> TIA,
> Jacob

I've just installed xen on sarge yesterday and I already found one
HUGE problem: beep doesn't work. Expect many burned pizzas in the near
future. :)

But seriously. I got hold of the xen 3 deb sources currently stuck in
NEW and a 2.6.15+2.6.16-rc5 linux-2.6 svn snapshot, compiled them,
installed them, added the correct grub options in menu.lst and it
(would have) booted right up (if only I had made an initrd).

Since I hate initrds I compiled my own kernel (which actualy took
much longer than making an initrd would have) and had my system up and
running in xen.

After fixing 2 minor bugs (create 2 dirs) the xen-utils work too. Next
up is creating actual real life domains and to put services into them
instead of the core domain.

In summary I have to suggest waiting a while longer for the xen3 debs
to mature a bit (what do you expect of the initial release?) or to use
upstream sources directly.

As for vserver the amd64.debian.net itself is a vserver and I haven't
seen any problems with it so far.


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