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Re: Please help - kernel crashes often

Do you mean disable the CPU cache (L2?) or disable the ECC memory cache?

I haven't looked at the BIOS yet to see which options I have, but I
want to make sure I do the right one :)

Wouldn't disabling some caches wind up cutting the performance down,
especially if you mean the CPU cache? Having the dual 1M L2 caches is
supposed to be really good, disabling those would probably be a big
performance hit then wouldn't it?

Thanks for the feedback though. All of this is helping me.

On 1/31/06, Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> It seems to say _data_cache_ ecc error, not ram ecc error.  Sounds like
> a cpu has a defective cache.  Well unless that is how the cpu reports
> when a transfer between cache and ram had an ecc failure.  Need an
> expert on the k8 to answer that I think. :)
> 1U machines do tend to run hot, due to limited space for cooling and
> packing everything in so tight.  A cpu that is marginal is much more
> likely to fail in such conditions.  If the bios has an option to disable
> the cache, maybe you could see if that makes it stable.  If it does,
> then you pretty much know where the broken hardware is.

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