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Re: is it em64t ?

On Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 11:38:08PM -0400, Peter Cordes wrote:
>  I think that's all wrong.  The flags are more or less a decoding of the
> CPUID result codes.
>  As for HT, my dad's old laptop 1.7GHz P4-mobile (Northwood) has the ht
> flag, but it sure as hell doesn't have two logical CPUs.  I looked at (but
> didn't really come close to understanding ;P) the relevant kernel code, and I

Nak.  Are you sure you are running an SMP kernel on it?  The ht flag means
that the processor is hyperthreading capable.  If your dad's lappy doesn't
show 2 cpus, it may be because HT is disabled in the BIOS.  If the BIOS
doesn't have an option for enabling HT, then check for a BIOS update!
Some manufacturers actually shipped machines with HT capable processors
in the early days that couldn't do HT.  Doesn't mean the processor wasn't
capable of it.



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