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hyperthreading or not


I've done some googling on the whether hyperthreading turned or on off 
could increase or decrease server performance. I just wanted to get 
some advice from some of the admins that run the AMD64 Debian port.
(With an Intel em64T chip of course)

Some say that if you run a database server, that sometimes 
hyperthreading could decrease performance. 
Something about the cache sharing could impeed overall speed.
Any truth to this?

I'm running a sarge AMD64 box that is mainly used as a
File, Web, email box. (no database)
Running kernel 2.6.15-1-em64t-p4 from sid.

Do you think going to a smp kernel will make things better or not?
or does it really make a difference?

I'm don't know of any benchmarks to test with.
Just wanted to get some ideas from your experience.


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