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A Ubuntu 64 bit problem on an AMD 64 bit machine

I have been wrestling with a Ubuntu 64bit problem and so far have found
> no one who knows the answer.
> I have a 1 gig ram, K8V SE Deluxe Socket 754 with tons or power, and
> with the Ubunutu 64 bit both Live CD and the Install CD I am unable to
> allow the machine to go into its sleep or time-out mode, including the
> Screen Saver app.  If the machine time-outs the keyboard goes dead and
> must reboot to get back into the machine.  Personally I feel that this
> is a Ubuntu software problem but I can not get a response from them,
> do any of my Lug friends have an answer.
> I say it is a Ubuntu software problem since I have loaded Suse 9.0 on
> the machine and it worked fine.  

I intend to install a Debian 3.1r0a amd64 on this same machine but I
would like to get this
problem resolved before adding to the overall situation and complicating
things further.
> Homer Whittaker

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