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How best to make nfs mounts also available in chroot env?

I have installed Debian sid AMD64
and installed an ia32 chroot per instructions at 

Now I am trying to restore the chroot bind mounts upon reboot.

I am running into a problem however because some of the bind mounts are to NFS 
mounted "shared" directories.

It appears the NFS mounts are not made until after the local and bind mounts 
are made.  This means the bind mounts are made to the empty NFS mount points
and not the actual NFS mounted directories.

Before I add my own brute-force solution to /etc/init.d I wanted to inquire if 
this is a known problem and/or what the preferred, Debian-way, to fix this 
mount ordering problem.

R.Parr, RHCE, Temporal Arts

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