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Re: no updates to amd64 stable in last 3 weeks?

* Matthew Robinson <mrobinson@omega-telecom.co.uk> [2006-01-05 13:34]:
> On Thursday 05 January 2006 13:01, Clive Menzies wrote:
>> On (05/01/06 10:27), Matthew Robinson wrote:
>>> i'm currently running AMD64 Stable, and i'm a little worried
>>> that there haven't been any updates  (sudo apt-get update ;
>>> sudo apt-get dist-upgrade) since just after i first
>>> installed.
>> Stable is such because it doesn't introduce new packages, only
>> security fixes.  This helps to ensure servers remain rock
>> solid.
> i know, i was just worried about the lack of security fixes
> (ive run i386 stable before, with much more updates than this)

Subscribe to debian-security, then you'll always know about
security fixes.  I see 15 updates for sarge in the last month,
but many of them will be things you're not running (dropbear,
phpbb2, tkdiff...) so of course you'll not see them.

There was a big fix for the kernel in December, so you should at
least check that! :)

Andrew Preater

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