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Re: Problems with mozilla-browser 1.7.12-1 in testing

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 01:48:34PM -0600, Pete Harlan wrote:
> Using testing, mozilla-browser 1.7.12-1 is unusable for me: It crashes
> after a half-dozen clicks from a web browser (if four clicks doesn't
> kill it, usually a back-button or two does).
> Reverting to 1.7.8-1 restores its health.
> I've tried removing the .mozilla folder, but it doesn't help.
> Does the amd64 testing mozilla-browser 1.7.12-1 work well for anyone?
> I'm using a variety of self-compiled recent kernels (including the
> binary nvidia module), but everything else is rock-solid.  If others
> say that this is working for them, then that will give me some
> information.


Not having heard from anyone that mozilla-browser 1.7.12-1 works for
them on amd64 testing (or sid), I have entered a bug report for it:



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