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Re: Anyone willing to seed sarge amd64 isos?

On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 01:33:56PM +0000, cmetzler@speakeasy.net wrote:
> Hi.  Is there anyone (hopefully, more than one person) who's willing to
> seed sarge amd64 dvd ISOs for bittorrent for a while?  I've been stuck
> at 39% and 24% for quite a while.
> Edit:  well, it looks like someone has ESP, in that someone just started
> seeding within the last 30 minutes.  Still, if more people could jump in
> that'd be very very helpful (especially since I dunno how long that person
> will be around).  Thanks.

jigdo.  Forget bittorrent. :)

Len Sorensen

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