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Re: install ifort 9.0 with alien...

Jo Shields <jo.shields@comlab.ox.ac.uk> a écrit :

> Intel, in an impressive display of understanding of the way RPM is
> meant to be used, don't actually have much reliance on the paths
> inside the RPM - by default, they install to /opt/intel, though the
> 'install' script Intel provides will extract the RPMs to a different
> location, if asked. Either way, the files installed by the RPMs aren't
> usable - the install script then has to go through a load of the
> scripts in /foo/intel/bin/ and put the real path in.

So... I run rpm -i -someoptions intel-*.rpm.
Yes, it's ugly but it works rather fine.

Now, what about performance comparison between fortran programs compiled
under i686 and x86_64 arch (same PC, same kernel release) ?



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