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Re: [SPAM] Wall Street Watch to debian-x86-64

Boy, I hate to make things worse by replying to this. On the other hand,
I would hope there would be some way of blocking this stuff at the
server. fgd.

Chuck Askew wrote:
> Massive St0ck Alert For Friday December 16th
> The Solvis Group 
> $10.6 Million in Revenues in Fourth Quarter Ended Sept. 30, 2005 (Source: News 12/14/05)
> Price: .07
> Huge PR Campaign For Friday's Trading **SLVG** Is it Going to Explode Higher From Here? If You Think So, Climb On Board!!
> RECENT NEWS: Go Read The Full Stories Right Now!!
> 1)The Solvis Group Announces $10.6 Million in Revenues in Fourth Quarter Ended Sept. 30, 2005
> 2)The Solvis Group Announces Plans to Distribute Global Food Technologies Stock to Its Shareholders
> 3)The Solvis Group Strategic Alliance Agreement With SSL Expected to Provide $25 Million in Additional Revenues in 90 Days
> Watch This One Trade on Friday! Huge Revenues for a Little Stock, Right? Radar it Right Now...... Go SLVG.
> _______________
> Hey, debian-x86-64
> !nformat!on w!th!n th!s ema!l conta!ns 4rward l00k!ng statements w!th!n themean!ng of Sect!on 27A of the Secur!t!es Act 
> of n!neteen th!rty three andSect!on 21B of the Secur!t!es Exchange Act of n!neteen th!rty four. Anystatements that express 
> or !nvolve d!scuss!ons w!th respect to pred!ct!ons,expectat!ons, bel!efs, plans, project!ons, object!ves, goals, 
> assumpt!ons orfuture events or performance are not statements of h!stor!cal fact and maybe 4rward 1o0k!ng statements.4rward 
> look!ng statements are based onexpectat!ons, est!mates and project!ons at the t!me the statements are madethat !nvolve a 
> number of r!sks and uncerta!nt!es wh!ch could cause actualresults or events to d!ffer mater!ally from those presently 
> ant!c!pated. Asw!th many m!crocap st0cks, today's company has d!sclosable mater!al !temsyou need to cons!der !n order 
> to make an !nformed and !ntell!gent!n_vestment dec!s!on. These !tems !nclude: A nom!nal cash pos!t!on and a go!ng 
> concern op!n!on from !ts aud!tor.  !t !s an operat!ng Company. The company !s go!ng to need f!nanc!ng. !f that f!nanc!ng 
> does not occur, the company may not be able to cont!nue as a go!ng concern !n wh!ch case you could lose your ent!re 
> !n-vestment.  The publ!sher of th!s newsletter does not represent that the !nformat!on conta!ned !n th!s  message states 
> all mateal facts or does not om!t a mater!al fact necessary  to make the statements there!n not m!slead!ng. 
> All !nformat!on prov!ded w!th!n th!s e_ma!l perta!n!ng to !n-vest!ng, st0cks, secur!t!es must be understood as !nformat!on 
> prov!ded and not !nvestment adv!ce. Remember a thorough due d!l!gence  effort, !nclud!ng a rev!ew of a company's 
> f!l!ngs when ava!lable, should be completed  pr!or to !n_vest!ng. The publ!sher of th!s newsletter adv!ses all readers 
> and subscr!bers to seek adv!ce from a reg!stered profess!onal secur!t!es representat!ve before dec!d!ng to trade !n 
> st0cks featured w!th!n th!s e_ma!l. None of the mater!al w!th!n th!s report shall be construed as any k!nd of !n_vestment 
> adv!ce or sol!c!tat!on. Many of these compan!es are on the verge of bankruptcy. You can lose all your mony by !nvest!ng 
> !n th!s st0ck. The publ!sher of th!s newsletter !s not a reg!stered !n-vestment adv!s0r. Subscr!bers should not v!ew 
> !nformat!on here!n as legal, tax, account!ng or !nvestment adv!ce. !n compl!ance w!th the Secu!t!es 
> Act of n!neteen th!rty three, Sect!on 17(b),The publ!sher of th!s newsletter !scontracted to rece!ve twenty th0usand 
> d0l1ars from a th!rd party, not an off!cer, d!rector or aff!l!ate shareh0lder for the !rculat!on of th!s report. 
> Be aware of an !nherent confl!ct of !nterest result!ng from such compensat!on due to the fact that th!s !s a pa!d 
> advert!sement and !s not w!thout b!as.The party that pays us has a pos!t!on !n the st0ck they w!ll sell at any t!me 
> w!thout not!ce. Th!s could have a negat!ve !mpact on the pr!ce of the st0ck, caus!ng you to lose mony.The!r !ntent!on !s to sell. 
> All factual !nformat!on !n th!s report was gathered from publ!c sources, !nclud!ng but not l!m!ted to  Company Press Releases. 
> Use of the !nformat!on !n th!s ema!l const!tutes your acceptance of these terms.

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