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Re: kernel-2.6.14: Did I miss some info ?

On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 11:03:14AM +0100, Hans wrote:
> yes, I followed the discusion about nvidia-kernel and kernel-2-6-14. And yes, 
> I know that there are problems. But is there a general problem with the 
> kernel-sources ? Look at my additionals please. Did I miss some 
> informations ? I wonder, why all these modulles cannot be compiled any more 
> (as they did with version 2.6.12).

Well on i386 I can compile 7174-4 with 2.6.14 on i386 (athlon 700) and
it works perfectly.  Maybe amd64 has a problem that is different, since
I haven't tried that version on 2.6.14 on amd64.  I only keep the old
version since I have a TNT2.  I know 8xxx nvidia driver compiles with
2.6.14 just fine.

> But compiling crashes also for the following sources: 
> ipw2100
> hostap
> ieee80211

The 2.6. kernel recently got some ipw/ieee80211 code added to it which
now causes conflicts with the external code.

> This seems to me a general problem, does it ? (strangewise "ndwiswrapper" 
> compiled fine)

I think 2.6.15 might break ndiswrapper but I haven't quite followed the
arguments that involved some things breaking on lkml.  It might just
have been hypothetical breakage if a certain suggested change went in.

Len Sorensen

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