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Re: Xvnc crashing

Lennart Sorensen wrote:
On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 04:55:13PM +0100, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

are there known Problems with the VNC server?

Trying to start

$ Xvnc :9

yields "Segmentation fault" in the xterm and

Dec 12 16:41:55 bremerhaven kernel: [ 2702.397481] Xvnc[7770]: segfault at 00000000ab3827e8 rip 00002aaaab1cf54b rsp 00007fffffbc99c0 error 4

on syslog.

My machine runs pure "deb http://amd64.debian.net/debian-amd64/ stable main" and vanilla kernel SMP ii vncserver 3.3.7-7 Virtual network computing server software

Any thoughts?

Well last time I remember reading anything about vnc on amd64, the vnc
server was known to be broken, while the client worked fine.  I have no
idea if this is still the case or not.  By the looks of it, perhaps the
vnc server is still broken on amd64.

A search of the mailing list archive may shed some light on things.

Of course i did search before asking :-) But the posts i found where over a year old, so i doubted they were still relevant.
Seems they still are.
As proposed, i installed the fedora rpm via alien. Works fine.


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