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Re: many lost ticks, clock drifts problems also with debian smp kernel?

On Sat, Dec 10, 2005 at 07:16:13AM -0500, mikepolniak wrote:
> On 01:22 Sat 10 Dec     , Andrew Sharp wrote:

> > This must be specific to some chipsets as I do not have this problem on
> > my SMP system running Debian kernel 2.6.12-whatever.
> This shows up when running dual cpu's under heavy load (compiling,
> encoding etc) for an extended time.  

Define extended period of time.  I do builds of my project dozens of
times a day, they take about 5 minutes using 100% cpu of all four cores
for that time period.  Sometimes I do full builds, which uses 100% for
about 25 minutes.  Never the slightest problem.  It currently has a 20
day uptime, but it would be 30 days if not for the fact that I had to
power it down to mount it in a case.  A sad day that was. ~:^)

I should point out that the full build builds from scratch, gcc, glibc,
libstc++, a whole bunch of java extension libs, a 2.4 kernel, and our
software, in that 25 minutes.  Does this AMD64 stuff rock or what?  The
dual xeon build server takes 2 hours to do the same work.


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