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Re: DualCore Dual-Opteron Board - suggestion?

No clue personally, just seems amusing given supermicro I believe is the
company that doesn't even want to admit to making AMD compatible boards.
maybe it changed (see below)

You can go through their website looking at models and they only
mention intel cpus.  once in a while you can click on something, like
say the SC812S-420C in the chassis section, clearly labeled as DP Xeon /
EM64T in the chart, but once you go to the details of it, you discover
that amazingly it apparently can also be had with opterons installed.
About the only way to find anything non intel, is by random clicking,
or doing a site search for opteron.  They sure aren't trying to get you
to buy their opteron offerings.  Maybe that would make intel mad at them
or something.  I wonder if they have any experience dealing with opterons
yet?  I wonder what the service would be like if there is a problem in
the bios.
well i think that there is some information:

the truth is, that tyan is our favorite :) it's classics after all... and has sata...
however, the question is when it will be available - not possible to get it in czech republic, nor in germany...



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