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junk showing up in /emul/ia32-linux

Friends -

I have a really nice amd64 sid machine, which has run
solidly for over a year now.  I really appreciate all
the really hard work behind the scenes that keeps Debian
unique and useful.

I have never run a 32-bit binary on this computer, and
don't see any reason to ... ever.  If it's not built from
published, 64-bit clean source code, it doesn't belong on 
my computer.

Recently files have started showing up in /emul/ia32-linux.
Offending packages are libg2c0-dev, fakeroot, and
libgfortran0-dev.  I tried submitting bug reports for
the first two: #341786 and #341788.  The latter got
merged with the inverse bug (amd64 junk showing up on
i386 machines), #323285, and tagged "minor" and "wontfix".

Shall I rm -rf /emul after every apt-get upgrade?
Shouldn't there be a way to separate out compatibility
cruft, either at the package or installer level?

         - Larry

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