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Re: about the advantage of 64 bit processor

Thanks for the answer.
I'll try "test" the programs in this link:
about video editing and enconding.
I'll make a competition beetwen that application and win32bit application.
If the summary result favorable to 64 bit then I will post it.=)
Else I'll post the fake summary, wich contain the proof of the 64bits
is much better than 32 bits.

(I payed us$ 100 more for my processor )

Thanks again. (I hope understand my message)

On 12/1/05, Mike Dobbs <spam@mdobbs.com> wrote:
> Search google for it, it's a long and argumentative answer.
> I've run debian 64 and ubuntu 64 and everything works just fine for me.
> Things that don't work.
> ndiswrapper wifi drivers that are for windows 32bit (note open source native
> drivers work fine, atheros for example)
> things that require a chroot:
> win32codecs (to play binary copied windows codecs)
> flash (open source versions available, but not a complete replacement for
> macromedia)
> openoffice(ubuntu has a hack to get it running without a chroot, but it is
> suposidly "dirty" and is still running 32 bit)
> Aside from that I've had trouble with the newest Kino from Ubuntu, crashes
> on save.  Uriquen masters (game) doesn't work in AMD64, though these look
> like simple bugs
> A side note, see the amd64 guide.  It has details on how to creat a chroot.
> I think it was pretty easy, cut and paste about 6 commands and you are set.
> Then you can install 32 programs using aptitude, and you have a plain sarge
> x86 distribution (just can't run 32 drivers on your 64bit kernel)
> As far as why you would run amd64?  Probably so you can brag to your
> friends.  For most things I guess you can see 1-2% speed increase from using
> the extra registers in the amd64.  Encoders/compressors/encrypters and the
> like can reap the benefits causing something like a 20% increase.  The speed
> difference will get better once amd64 gets more popular.  Even unreal
> tournament runs on amd64 now, but some benchmarks show it running slower
> than the 32 bit version (as per lack of optimizations).
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> Subject: about the advantage of 64 bit processor
> Hi, I don't speak Inglish, but I try.
> I have an amd64 (+3200) processor (512 mb) , and obviusly , debian
> sarge amd64. My question is: which program do you experiment a big
> difference beetwen 32 bit and 64 bit.
> I use a common aplication and the performce is equal to 32 bit program.
> Thanks.
> Sorry for my Inglish.

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