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Re: installing Oracle on Debian AMD64

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 09:51:31PM +0200, Jean-Christophe Montigny wrote:
> Well, I am afraid I'm not quite postgresql-literate, and I live by the 
> (perhaps false) assumption that PostgreSQL and MySQL are more or less 
> the same : open source database projects, except PostgreSQL are supposed 
> to be "faster" in reading and "slower" in writing than MySQL, and that 
> they roughly have the same capabilities..

Postgres has much more complete SQL syntax support, and finer grain
locking than mysql.  They are quite different in features and their
target markets.  It is also easier to be fast writing if you lock the
whole table and prevent others from accessing it while you update
things.  Slows down reading to stopped while you do a write though.

> Well, of course it doesn't mean anything to use Oracle in a small 
> environment, as I said it only becomes good when you have a single DB 
> that is being used by several clients and you need data consistency 
> without having to modify all the clients when there's a structural 
> change (for instance, say you add a table that needs updated when you do 
> whatever action on the other tables -- Oracle allows you to code an 
> event associated to that action - ie a procedure...). That's merely a 
> scenario, of course. If you just need the standard functionalities of DB 
> and don't mind having your client software ensuring data consistency, 
> mysql and i guess postgresql perform fine and will even be faster than 
> Oracle for very simple tasks. Merely a question of raw processing power.

Postgres does have quite a lot of support for triggers and events to
perform, although I have no idea how it compares to Oracle.  It is a lot
better than mysql though.

Len Sorensen

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